Trails at James Long Park

Addition to Long Park

Addition to Long Park

Guest post by Neil Nelson

The PW County Park Authority has the opportunity to add trails at James Long Regional Park in the Gainesville District. Last month, 66 acres of undeveloped, wooded land was transferred from PW County to the Park Authority as an addition to Long Park. The existing park (167 acres) is largely developed for sports fields, and an equestrian ring/riding area.   Some informal hiking & equestrian trails currently exist in the park and extend into the new addition. Catharpin Run flows through the park, in both the old and new sections. The new addition, with its mature hardwood forest and stream, would make an ideal location for additional multi-use trails. Master Plans govern the development and use of parks under the PW Park Authority, so the addition of 66 acres should cause a revision to the Long Park Master Plan. The master planning process includes a public hearing. Contact the PW Park Authority to voice your support for additional trails and passive recreation at Long Park!





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  1. Mary Blair on

    Please extend the bridal paths into the new acreage added to John Long Park. Looking at the photo, and all the new development in that area, soon the parks will be the only place equestrians will have left to trail ride. I ride the Manassas Battlefield trails, and have been told more than once how nice it is to see horses in the park. Please do so with John Long Park. It is a great resource for all us equestrians, who spend a great deal of money each year to pursue our hobby, and support a great deal of folks with our hobby (farriers, farmers who grow hay, stores that sell tack and feed for horses, veterinarians, etc.). The equine industry in Virginia is huge, and buy providing us with trails, you will be ensuring that industry thrives, and continues to provide Virginia with income. Thank you so much, Mary Blair

  2. Karen L Jones on

    I support extending the trails at Long Park into the newly acquired property that has been added to Long Park. The horse industry is big here in Virginia and as we all know there are fast becoming too few places where people can ride their horses. As property gets developed many established equestrian and hiking trails have been closed or lost to the developments.


    Karen L Jones

  3. kgotthardt on

    I support ANY trails in PWC : )

  4. Nancy Gunsauls on

    I too support horse trails in Northern Virginia. We need to provide recreation areas for the many horse equestrians in our area.

  5. Lynda Johnston on

    I think it is important to develop a trail system through the newly acquired park land and to keep the wooded part natural. The existing park appears to have a nice selection of fields for various sports and plenty of parking. Equestrian trails would be very much appreciated by the entire equestrian community and those same trails will also be quite nice for hikers. A trail through the woods is realtively easy and inexpensive to create, especially if there is some volunteer labor. Maintenance of a trail is far less than that of a ball field, as well.

    I would like to suggest for the long range plan to include the ability to use the entire park for equestrian eventing purposes with perhaps a cross country course with well designed jumps weaving around the ball fields (not IN them) and throughout the woods, and include the addition of a proper dressage arena. There would have to be appropriate timing of the different sports, of course.

  6. Michael DePue on

    During the summer of 2008 the PWC Park Authority, Prince William Trails and Streams Coalition and Nokesville Horse Society extended the park’s trail system into the recently acquired property. This scenic addition brings the park’s total to about 4.5 miles of equestrian friendly trail.

    Michael DePue
    Planner, PWCPA

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