The new Walk Score website measures whether a neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly.

I grew up in a neighborhood where we walked to school, to the movies, to the swimming pool, to the park, etc.  The Walk Score there: 83 out of 100.  That’s “very walkable,” according to the website.

Where I live now is far from shopping, jobs.  We have green parkland nearby, but that’s it.  Verizon won’t even extend DSL services to us.

Our Walk Score here is just 5.  Sigh.  Not even in double figures.  The website was too polite to call this neighborhood “grossly excessive carbon consumption territory.”

So then I calculated how many miles I expect to drive in my lifetime.  Math was easy, since the car is 10 years old.  Divide the miles on the odometer by 10, multiply by 50 for my total expected number of driving years- oops, it’s not a pretty number.  If I keep going at this rate, I’ll end up driving in one lifetime the equivalent of circling around the world 30 times.

Double sigh, ‘cuz I’m gonna see far more Wal*Marts than Eiffel Towers on those trips in the car.


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  1. Parker on

    Sometimes biking is feasible when walking is not. An electric assist motor like the bionx on a bike can make it even more convenient while still providing some exorcise.


  2. Nika on

    My walk score is 51.This service can be rather useful especially for those who are going to buy a house or just want to estimate their present location. I have also tried one more service at http://drivescore.fizber.com/. It is called Drive Score. With the help of it you can see how close establishments are by car. My result is 78. Drive Score calculates your score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance. The greater the number of businesses nearby the higher the drive score.

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