Occoquan Bay Refuge Fall Festival – Lots of people, lots of fun

The Fall Festival at the Occoquan Bay Refuge was today and we had a terrific time. The weather was beautiful and there was lots to do.

The Audubon Society of NoVA, NoVA Bird Club and Virginia Native Plant Society led wildlife and wildflower tours. PWCA was there with an assortment of frogs, turtles & aquatic insects for people to meet. The VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries had an great display on mammals, complete with scat replicas.

PWCA also continued planting vegetation around the small pond off the parking lot. Last year we planted spatter dock, pickerel weed and a rush. The pickerel weed and rush didn’t make it, but the spatterdock is blooming, looks terrific and improved the habitat for wildlife.

This year we planted two river birches, two black willows, monkey flower and tried more of the rush in a different location. Special thanks to the FWS, who provided the plants, and everyone who helped plant them. It will be exciting to see these new plants, plus last years spatterdock, along the pond’s shoreline next year… when we’ll be planting something else. All in all, a very good day!


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