The wrong place for a VRE station

While VRE is considering a $200 million expenditure for expanding its Manassas line, it faces a fork in the track. 

The Norfolk Southern rail line splits south of Manassas.  The Broad Run station is on a separate stretch from the proposed stations at Innovation/Gainesville/Haymarket.  

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that avoids an inefficient trip to Broad Run, followed by backing up the train to access the proposed new stations. We should close the Broad Run station, when a new station opens at Innovation.

Commuters now driving to Broad Run (especially from Linton Hall area) will find a VRE station at Innovation is just as close, or even closer. 

The Broad Run station can never become the center of transit oriented development.   Height restrictions at the airport preclude much development at the Broad Run site.

In contrast, a new VRE station at Innovation offers great potential for absorbing the projected population growth in PW County.  We need live-work-play communities if we expect to minimize traffic congestion.  We need new development that co-locates housing, jobs, and cultural centers.

Such development is impossible at Broad Run. 

Innovation offers a blank canvas for smart growth development.

So let’s plan ahead, integrate land use and transportation planning, and shift our focus away from a dead end location at Broad Run to a new VRE station at Innovation, a place where we can grow.


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