Rural Crescent holds, other areas not so lucky

Here’s my tally on PWC Supervisors decisions on the Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAs) requested by developers.  I was at McCoart viewing events from the lobby, which can be distracting… hopefully others can share more news and views about the outcome.

Supervisors voted to initiate 12 of the 19 Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAs) submitted by developers. All proposals to take land out of the Rural Crescent were rejected.

Semi-Rural Residential properties, intended to buffer the Rural Crescent and protect the Occoquan Reservoir, did not fare as well. Supervisors initiated five of the eight proposals to increase densities in Semi-Rural areas, on properties covering approximately 155 acres.

One 17.7 acre property currently planned for Rural Crescent densities to protect two archaeological sites and buffer agricultural lands from commercial uses will also move forward. This site is located at one intersection of Prince William Parkway and Prince William Parkway (there are three such intersections, this one is near Nokesville Road).

According to the staff report, only three of the 12 CPAs initiated by Supervisors are located near existing public transportation (defined as the VRE, bus service or a commuter parking lot).

Together the 12 proposals cover approximately 500 acres and would add a total of 486 new houses for 1,179 new residents and 2,711 new jobs (no info yet on whether these are retail, office or industrial jobs).

It’s worth noting that the County’s most recent Build Out Analysis shows Prince William has currently planned for sufficient housing to accommodate projected population increases to 2025… before adjustments are made to reflect the current economic and housing crisis.

In addition, the ongoing update to the County’s Land Use Chapter of the Comprehensive has not been finalized. Two drafts are under consideration. Both propose adding significant residential densities to the plan and show little if any connection to the proposed revision of the Transportation Chapter.

Seems like a crazy time to be adding fuel to the fire…


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  2. Al on

    Nice piece of reporting… thanks!

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