“Potomac Town Center”

Want to create a town center in Prince William?

Skip the land use planning process – wait for developers to build things, then just change the signs on I-95.    That’s why Rippon will disappear soon, to be replaced by “Potomac Town Center.”

At the next  Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) meeting, they will schedule a public hearing to request an official name change.   The mapmakers and the highway department will be asked to terminate Rippon and designate the area near Potomac Hospital as Potomac Town Center.

That’s a creative way to steer attention towards a place where we want increased development.

The supervisors will soon have a chance to demonstrate they think “town center” designation is more than an exercise in changing road signs.  The Land Use Chapter adopted by the Planning Commission on April 15 would allow developers to propose town centers all across the county.

If we want Potomac Town Center to grow further into a job center/urban community, the supervisors should alter the Planning Commission proposal.  If we want to steer new growth towards the Potomac Communities zone, do not invite developers to propose town centers in other locations.

Or just admit we’re faking it.  Label the commercial strip near Manassas Mall as Sudley Town Center, call the intersection of Dale Boulevard and Minnieville Road a Town Center….


2 comments so far

  1. Parker on

    This absurd “Town Center” designation is already in the ADC map for Prince William 09 edition. I guess it did not occur to anyone that a “town center” should be in a town. I would like to ask some people involved what a town is because I don’t think anyone in this county knows. The intersection of Dale Boulevard and Minniville has way more attributes that suggest a town: local and commuter bus access, a farmers market, a public library, dense development(dale forest apartments)a least 16 places to eat, a hardware store, two grocery stores, a place of worship, a pharmacy and a bowling ally(nightlife).

  2. RedskinsWiz on

    If a bowling alley is to be considered “nightlife” as you claim, then perhaps the term “town” is more appropriate than you think. Honestly though, what’s the big deal?

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