Who Said…

…regarding the need to change traditionally-separate land use planning and transportation in Northern Virginia:

“…We need to grow differently. This is where we’re going to put our efforts.” We literally passed a resolution that said transit-oriented development is the future of Fairfax County and should be, will be, our primary development strategy.

There’s no question that a lot of highway miles were taken off the plan, but I’m not sure we would have ever built enough highways to have kept ahead of the congestion…  I’m not sure more highways would be the answer for the next 25 years in any case. We have to change not just how we move around, but we have to change how we live, where we go, and that’s the real benefit of transit-oriented development. It’s the land use, not just a mode of transportation…

Answer: Bill Lecos, head of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. You can see more at the Frontline website for the Poisoned Waters program.

He’s no wild-eyed environmentalist, or pointy-headed academic.  His organization is all about improving profits for business; it’s nowhere close to being a greenie think-tank.

But check out the Land Use section of the chamber’s Legislative Agenda 2009.  You’ll see “Support Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) as a primary growth strategy for sustaining economic vitality, protecting neighborhoods, and preserving greenspace in Fairfax County.”

Smart growth is good for business.  More-of-the-same sprawl requires expensive roads, which means higher taxes.  The business community in Fairfax County figured this out in March, 2004.


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