Who said… (#2 in a series)

“the panel recommends that the county concentrate retail growth and consolidation at strategic east/west intersections in three activity centers (emphasis added) along the Route 1 corridor… ”
…”The panel does not support the creation of new community centers in locations away from Route 1(emphasis added), as these would be remote from their markets and would undermine further the timely redevelopment of the existing, first-generation commercial development…”

They also said:
…”The county needs to create, adopt, and then enforce a place-making code to ensure that a high quality built environment is developed and maintained.”
… “
Should the county fail to seize the initiative, the panel believes it runs a very great risk of losing the ability to bring in the kind of development that would enhance the community.”
… “
if the county fails to act in a timely manner, it could be overwhelmed by the kind of disconnected growth that will create a new set of problems to replace those already facing the Route 1 corridor.”

Answer: the Urban Land Institute, in its Potomac Communities – Prince William County, Virginia: A Strategy for the Rebirth of the Historic U.S. Route 1 Corridor report back in 2002.

If Prince William wants to revitalize the Route 1 corridor, it should focus on what the Urban Land Institute called the South, Central, and North gateways.  Renaming the Central gateway “Potomac Town Center” and holding a North Woodbridge Charrette shows that at least one member of the Board of County Supervisors has energy, and understands the county can’t be just passive.

The much-tougher challenge will be drawing lines on the long-range land use map in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan, defining where the 8 elected supervisors support new community “centers.”   If we endorse many new “centers” in locations away from Route 1, then the county supervisors are choosing to sacrifice Route 1 and allowing Prince William to be overwhelmed by disconnected growth.


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