The “epicenter of a tremendous education village”

Where can you find a proposed combination of a George Mason University campus *and* a transit station, where new development would spur healthy growth and provide economic development benefits to the local jurisdiction?

Maybe at Innovation, if VRE expands there – but don’t hold your breath waiting for county officials to stimulate a town center there. Prince William officials are sitting back, waiting for a developer to make this happen.

In the meantime, there’s competition to create an “education village” on the other side of Bull Run…

Watch out for Leesburg and Loudoun, which are showing far more initiative than Prince William.  GMU may discover there’s more bang-for-the-buck in growing a new campus in high-energy Loudoun than in expanding at Innovation in sleepy Prince William.  The Leesburg Town Council is recruiting GMU, and highlighting transit services provided by Virginia Regional Transit (see May 12 story in Leesburg Today).

The town has not had rail transportation since the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) trackbed was converted into a hiking trail, but ambitious town officials are looking forward rather than backward.  They’re certainly not standing still, waiting for a knight to ride to the rescue.  They’re pushing for new smart growth, based on new development anchored by a proposed Loudoun campus for GMU.

The Town of Leesburg recognizes that Moorefield Station, planned around a rail station when Metro gets to Dulles, could become a major competitor – especially if the county moves government offices to a Loudoun Civic and Transit Center there.

Meanwhile, back at the McCoart Center…


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  1. dulleshomeguy on

    VRE is expanding with a spur near Innovation Industrial Park to Gainesville next to the Virginia Gateway shopping area and at US 15 in Haymarket.

    No VRE in Loudoun nor will Leesburg get MetroRail anytime soon.

    Gainesville isn’t exactly sleepy with all the new shopping centers on Rt. 29.

    234/Manassas Apt is an industrial area, not dense office.

  2. Belmont Homeowner on

    It is time that these dated Subdivisions adjacent the VRE (*I.E Old Belmont)are demolished and modern, high-density housing is constructed. A lot of these houses are small, abandoned, inefficient and beyond repair. Something needs to be done about this blight in the near future. Hey Developers! Now is the time to buy! It won’t be long and that land is going to be worth a fortune! Let’s get it moving!

    • robie on

      I agree, old belmont does not flow with all the new
      development that has been going on, I think a clean,
      new updated vesion of this neighborhood would be a nice touch, not to mention the potential this land could provide.

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