Talking the walk and walking the talk

According to the Examiner on June 8:

– “More people are walking to Metrorail stations instead of driving and parking at the system’s lots.”
– “Metro is planning to begin a new study to identify and plug the gaps in walking and biking access within a half-mile of each rail station. Making those changes would be cheaper than having to build more parking lots…

Makes sense for VRE, as well as Metro.  Invest in infrastructure for walking to transit, not in new parking garages.

To make pedestrian access real rather than just empty promises, we’ll need the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) to adopt a Transportation Chapter in the Comprehensive Plan that focuses on “walkable communities.”   If the tables in the chapter propose investment in sidewalk and trail projects, rather than 700 lane miles of new roads so everyone can drive to the VRE station, then the politicians will be talking the walk and walking the talk – finally.

And we’ll need the BOCS to adopt a Land Use Chapter that focuses new development next to transit centers for carpooling, slugging, and bus as well as rail service.  If the BOCS perpetuates the “bring us a rezoning, and then we’ll tell you if we like growth there” tradition, new housing will be scattered.  We’ll increase congestion as fast as we build new lanemiles to reduce congestion, until taxpayers and voters say it’s time for a change.


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