May & Nohe announce Silver Lake conservation plan

family_marumsco_2005sSupervisors Michael May and Martin Nohe have a conservation plan for Silver Lake. In a press release issued earlier today, they call for deed restrictions that limit recreation uses at Silver Lake to passive recreation and horseback riding.

If their proposal is adopted, Supervisors will ensure that community wishes for Silver Lake are honored and protect the environment by prohibiting high-impact recreation uses on this sensitive property.

This means there would be no lighted ball fields, RV storage, or other intensive recreation uses at Silver Lake. It means that Silver Lake would be there for our grandchildren and their children.

Currently, the Park Authority’s proposal suggests but does not commit to passive recreation at Silver Lake. Instead they say a new plan must be developed through a Master Planning process, which considers all recreation uses and, in the past, has included citizen input on an invitation-only basis.

However, May and Nohe are proposing that Supervisors act now to protect passive recreation and horseback riding at Silver Lake by naming those uses in the deed before the Park Authority takes charge of the property (through either ownership or a lease). Anything less than deed restrictions leaves all recreation uses on the table today, tomorrow and on and on.

May and Nohe note that citizens have made their views on Silver Lake known to the Board for more than two years and the overwhelming consensus has been support for passive recreation and horseback riding.

In fact, citizens were instrumental in securing Silver Lake for the County. And they did it for a particular purpose.

As reported in the Washington Examiner in July 2006, “In response to the community’s concerns, the developers said they would donate 282 acres surrounding Silver Lake to the county for a school, nature conservancy and a therapeutic horseback riding facility, according to a letter from Michael Lubeley, a Toll Brothers attorney.”

After waiting for nearly three years, people are tired of talking and ready to take their kids swimming at Silver Lake this summer.

As Supervisor May says, although we missed the fiscal opportunities associated with the Bull Run Mountain Conservancy proposal, we still have the opportunity to at least ensure that Silver Lake remains protected open space.

Supervisors are slated to decide the fate of Silver Lake at next Tuesday’s Board meeting, June 23 at 2:00 p.m. There will be a public hearing, where everyone will have three minutes to speak on the future of Silver Lake.

In the meantime, you can share your views with citizens here on this blog and share your views with Supervisors by clicking here.


4 comments so far

  1. naturefan on

    Good for Supervisor May and Nohe! Finally, real leadership and influence for land conservation. Hats off to them both, I hope the other supervisors follow their lead!

  2. Al Alborn on

    Outstanding! Supervisors Nohe and May have provided the leadership Prince William County needs to open up Silver Lake to low intensity use. I hope we may use Silver Lake as a model for Dove’s Landing.

  3. Anonymous on

    Too cool! And about time too. Kudos to Mike and Marty!

  4. Anonymous on

    Too cool! And about time. Kudos to Mike and Marty. I’m glad to finally hear some good mews about Silver Lake!

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