If Global Warming is a total hoax…

… should we do nothing?

The George Mason University Center for Climate Chance Communication has completed a Global Warming’s Six Americas 2009: An Audience Segmentation Analysis report.  The report found that 18% of Americans are “alarmed,” while 7% are “dismissive.”  In between are people who are concerned, cautious, disengaged, or doubtful.

So how could an energy conservation section in an updated Environment Chapter for the Comp Plan minimize political controversy?

The good news: people worried about climate change, and those who think global warming alarmists are flat wrong, still share a common point a view: we all agree that America needs to take action on energy conservation.

In a briefing for the Congressional Committee on Science and Technology, the report writers said:
“Despite the differences in opinion about global warming, there is a near consensus among Americans that the nation needs to take strong action to save energy, for many reasons (economic, security, moral, and environmental). Americans support a broad range of proposed energy policies and are willing to take additional action to save energy in their own lives.

“Saving energy and increasing energy efficiency are some of the quickest, easiest, and often profitable steps the nation can take to address the interwoven problems of job creation, energy security, and environmental protection.”

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