Prince William Park Authority – public meetings to plan park development

The schedule for public meetings is out, so now the public can participate in the official process for planning the future of the county’s parks.  The Prince William County Park Authority has an ambitious schedule to update its long-tern strategic and comprehensive plans, and also complete at least two site-specific plans for individual parks.

The park system’s Strategic Plan provides the “big picture” and guides the development of future recreation facilities and programs that will be offered during the 2011-2015 time period.

The Comprehensive Plan for the park system is a different document from the Comp Plan that the Board of Coounty Supervisors approves.  The Park Authority’s Comprehensive Plan is intended to portray how individual parks will be developed in the long run.  If you’re wondering what sort of ballfields, trails, or other development is planned for future development at a particular park, the park system’s Comprehensive Plan should be a useful reference.

Two individual park plans are likely to generate discussion this Fall, for the Wiita tract and Silver Lake.

The Wiita Tract is 80 acres downstream of Lake Manassas, between Glenkirk Road and Vint Hill Road.  According to the Park Authority announcement of the park planning effort, it was “proffered to the county for the primary purpose of development of a soccer complex in the Brentsville District. Other recreational amenities may be included in the final Master Plan.”

The proffers for rezoning Wellington Glen were quite specific regarding transportation and community design, but the parks and recreation proffer said only that the donated Wiita tract was “to be used for parks and recreation purposes.”  The Park Authority’s request for the Board of County Supervisors to transfer the Wiita property made no reference to any constraints on what sort of recreation services could be provided at the site.  If there’s a deal to limit the park planning to a soccer complex, it’s not revealed in the proffer.

The Silver Lake Master Plan meeting is “open to all citizens for the purpose of obtaining input into the Master Plan design and recreation amenities that may be included in the final development of Silver Lake Regional Park.”

Park Authority Strategic Plan
September 14th – 3rd Open Public Meeting
October 28th – Park Board adoption

WIITA Master Plan
September 16 – First Open Public Meeting
September 29 – Second Open Public Meeting

Park Authority Comprehensive Plan
September 21 – First Open Public Meeting
Oct 19 – Second Open Public Meeting
November 18th – Park Board Presentation
December 9th – Park Board Adoption

Silver Lake
October 6th – First Open Public Meeting
October 27th – Second Open Public Meeting


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