Environment Chapter – draft released for review/comment

In the bad ol’ days, the litany was “the solution to pollution is dilution.”  We could pour all sorts of dirty gunk into the air or water, so long as there was enough clean air/clean water to dilute the gunk before someone breathed or drank it.

Now, of course, we’ve overloaded the air with tailpipe emissions, mercury from coal-fired power plants, and dust particles from land disturbance.  The once-clear vistas from the Blue Ridge are obscured except after a rainstorm.  Natural streambeds have been excavated by surges of stormwater running off pavement.  The Potomac River is poisoned a little more after each rain by sediment/chemicals carried into the tributaries.  We have reached the “total maximum daily load” of pollution that natural systems can absorb.

So what do we do about it?

After 25 years of blame allocation, it’s clear that E3 will be the solution.   We all need to protect our local environments, before wind and water carry our pollution to the next jurisdiction and trigger more useless “blame game” speeches.  The solution to pollution is to do everything to clean up our local environment.  We need to clean up everywhere, and we need everybody to do it.

E3 – Everything, by Everybody, Everywhere.  In Prince William, we can make our local commitment in the new Environment Chapter for the Comprehensive Plan.  The draft was released today – check it out, speak up at a public meeting, or send your comment to PCFeedback@pwcgov.org


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