Will our supervisors approve $3 billion in new taxes?

Table 2 (Thoroughfare Plan) in the proposed Transportation Chapter for the Prince William Comprehensive Plan lists about 700 lane miles of new construction, plus new interchanges.  Add up the cost, and the plan proposes to spend $3 billion or so in the next 20 years.  Toss in proposed transit improvements (such as VRE extensions to Gainesville), and pretty soon you’re talking real money.

In some state plans, such as VTrans 2025, it’s assumed that funding is unconstrained.  Everybody is made happy because every possible project is listed.  In the Prince William County Comprehensive Plan,  Table 2 is not a wish-list, and the draft chapter states:
The construction of these roadway improvements are expected and proposed to be completed by the Comprehensive Plan build-out year of 2030.

VDOT is broke.  According to the Washington Post editorial on September 24,  “Two years from now, state spending on new roads in Northern Virginia is projected to be precisely zero.”   According to the editorial,  VDOT needs $100 billion in new revenue over the next 20 years.

If VDOT has no $$$ for 700 new lane miles, new interchanges, and new transit in Prince William, then any supervisor who supports a Comp Plan proposing $3 billion in new spending must want the General Assembly to raise state taxes to fund transportation projects, or must support using local taxes to finance county-issued bonds to build $3 billion in new roads.


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  1. Mom on

    The unfortunate truth is probably yes, the will raise local taxes. The BOCS is just as guilty if not considerably more so than the GA for situation PWC finds itself in regarding transportation. It was many of these same board members that approved unconstrained growth, hoping that the state would come through with the “promised” funds to pay for the infrastructure needed just to catch up to the additional burden. It’s worth noting that those “promises” were nothing more than forecasts based on existent revenue streams and long range revenue estimates. Funny how those never quite seem to work out.

    Now the county is stuck with a mess largely of their own making and few options to correct it. My guess is that they will extol the virtues of bringing in new commercial development, villify residential development, place the blame on Richmond and substantially raise our taxes. Ultimately, they will likely just make the situation worse as they try to “Fairfax” Prince William. What none seem to realize is that Fairfax is Fairfax because of its close proximity to DC, it contains the VA portion of the Beltway, has Metro, has an international airport, has large scale commercial development in place, etc., etc., etc.

    Name one of those things that PWC has. They’re trying to sell everyone on a plan to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. PWC is what it is and the sooner the BOCS realizes that and develops a coherent plan based on that reality, the better.

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