“Catlett Developers to Seek 950 Homes”

That’s the headline in the October 21 Fauquier Times-Democrat.

Think the “Village of Catlett” will add 950 new jobs on the Route 28 corridor in Fauquier County, to match the 950 new homes?  Sprawl continues when we locate houses over there, but locate jobs over here.  Inevitably, we create  new congestion on highways between the two places.

“Village” residents headed down Route 17 will add to the morass at the red lights between Celebrate Virginia and Interstate 95.  Workers headed up Route 28 to Tysons Corner/DC will increase the congestion in downtown Manassas.  A few commuter rail users might compete for parking at the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station in Broad Run.

The developer proposes to expand Route 28 to four lanes – but only at Catlett.  That will create an hourglass shape of the highway, with a bulge of 4 lanes surrounded by 2-lane segments north and south of Catlett.

Who do you think will pay to widen Route 28 between Catlett and Bristow?   (Hint: look in the mirror, then in your wallet…)


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  1. Mom on

    Hmm, sound familiar, just like that hourglass in front of Dominion Valley, an hourglass that ends abruptly at the 15/66 chokepoint, just more stupidity.

  2. pwceducationreform on

    Toss Avendale, the proposed 300 – 500 home development on the western side of the intersection of Vint Hill Road and Route 28, and 28 will be an even bigger bottleneck than it is now.

    Why is it that the county is so, well, stupid about these things? About 7 years ago, before Sudley Manor Drive was compelted through to Route 234, VDOT added shifting and widening Vint Hill Road to the “master plan” for PWCS. At that time the widening was needed.

    But then Sudley Manor Drive opened to Route 234 and traffic on Vint Hill Road, from Sudley Manor Drive to Route 28, dropped to almost nothing. Goodness forbid that VDOT realize that the opening of a major roadway has changed travel patterns in the area and made shifting and widening Vint Hill Road no longer necessary. Oh no – VDOT just keep chugging along with it’s now erroneous plan to widen and shift Vint Hill Road.

    And PWCS, in it’s effort to kiss the developers butts as often as possible, is actually considering allowing development in the rural crescent because the developer has promised to provide half of the road we no longer need.

    What we need is for Route 28 to be widened from Linton Hall Road to New Bristow Village. What we need is for Glenkirk Road to be paved from the damn to Vint Hill Road. What we need is for the lights on Route 28 to be re-timed. But none of that is being considered by the county. Nope. The county is considering adding more than 300 more homes to an already congested area so that the developer will build half of an unnecessary road.

    PWC’s new motto – we deliver what the developers are willing to offer, not what our citizens need.

  3. mhamamo on

    Now why would you expect anything different. Our BOCS doesn’t have the balls to do what is right. They lack the courage to tell the developers what the county needs. They are too chicken to call the developers bluff. We can always find someone to develop the land the way we want it developed if only they would have the guts to stand their ground.

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