VTrans2035 (draft State Transportation Plan) ready for comment starting November 2

In the past, the long-term transportation plans for the state and Northern Virginia have included every big construction project that could be imagined – including a new bridge across the Potomac River from Dumfries to Charles County, Maryland.  The last one, VTrans2025, was completed in 2004… before the state acknowledged that maintenance costs for existing infrastructure would consume all the money, leaving very little flexibility for new construction.

These fiscally-unconstrained, financially unrealistic “wish lists” have then been portrayed by the Washington Post, the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance, and others as “plans” that required funding.  Heard about a $100 billion backlog of unfunded projects in Virginia?   Don’t believe it – lots of unnecessary, subsidize-new-sprawl-just-like-the-old-sprawl projects that should never be funded in those old fiscally-irresponsible proposals.

The Virginia Department of Transportation has drafted a new statewide long-range multimodal transportation plan, VTrans2035.  Check out your invitation to comment by November 30.

(See if new roads/transit services are intended to match where new population growth will be concentrated, or if the “wish list” is still designed to subsidize developers and sprawl new growth away from job centers, through projects such as the Route 234 Bypass.)


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