Avendale – a dumb growth project designed to bust the Rural Area

Ever seen a person on a diet make “just one exception” for a snack between meals, a second helping at the meal, or a cookie after the meal?  Think those dieters lose weight?

We have supervisors who operate the same way.  They approve land use plans with a defined Development Area for new development to accommodate population growth (including small-lot subdivisions) and a Rural Area where new development is limited.  By concentrating growth in the Development Area, we can concentrate schools, roads, fire/police stations, etc. and minimize future taxes to build public facilities.  That’s smart, low-tax growth.

But as soon as developers show up with a project on the edge of the Rural Area, some supervisors fall off the wagon.  “Oh, we can make an exception, just this once.  It won’t set a precedent.”  Amazingly, that’s what the Planning Staff says about the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and the rezoning being considered by the Planning Commission Wednesday, Nov. 4 at 7:00 pm, for Avendale, at the intersection of Vint Hill and Route 28.

After the Planning Commission sends Avendale to the Board of County Supervisors, it will become crystal clear who are the “build Anything, Anywhere, at Any time” supervisors.  There’s no way to pretend this project is consistent with the concept of the Rural Area in the existing Comprehensive Plan.


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  1. mhamamo on

    The Planning Commission voted to deny the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning for Avendale. So the good guys won the first battle. Now we have to rally the troops to win the war.

  2. […] that scatter growth in places that are expensive/impossible to serve with transit.  (Avendale is a classic “dumb growth” location.)   As an incentive, supervisors should rezone […]

  3. […] find excuses to bust the 10 acre minimum lot size in the Rural Area with dumb growth projects like Avendale.  You’ll see a lot of public outreach that rezonings are necessary to “meet […]

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