Another opportunity for new funding to conserve lands in PW County

The Capper Crampton Act of 1930 was passed in response to Corps of Engineers plans to build two dams on the Potomac River, at Chain Bridge and above Great Falls.  Instead of flooding the river valley, the Federal government established the National Capital Planning Commission and purchased land to protect the Potomac River.  Protection of Great Falls and the scenic vistas along the George Washington Parkway and Rock Creek Parkway are legacies of that bill.

Now local legislators, led by Jim Moran and including Frank Wolf, Gerry Connolly, and Rob Wittman, have proposed to build on that success.  The National Capital Region Land Conservation Act (HR 2986/S1525) would authorize Congressional appropriations (up to $50 million per year) for grants to State, regional and local governments. Grants would have to be matched, and the Federal funding would help obtain land for conservation, environmental and recreational purposes.

Various conservation groups have already expressed support for the bill.  Now it’s time for local legislators to speak up.  Getting a Federal match could help Prince William County double the value of the $3 million in park bonds that we passed in 2006 for land acquisition.


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