What does the county’s Strategic Plan say about transportation? Think paving Glenkirk Road fits the priorities?

The 2012 Strategic Plan was adopted unanimously in March, 2009 by the eight elected supervisors.  The Economic Development and Transportation goal was:
The County will create a community that will attract quality businesses that bring high-paying jobs and investment by maintaining a strong economic development climate and creating necessary multi-modal transportation infrastructure that supports our citizens and our business community.  Over the next four years we will focus on in order:
– Completing road bond construction projects that are currently underway
– Attracting targeted businesses
– Multi-modal transportation that supports economic development and alleviates congestion

On Tuesday, the same Board of County Supervisors will commit $1.9 million of VDOT State Secondary Roadway funding for the Glenkirk Road Improvement Project.  It’s a $3.2 million project to pave less than a mile of a two-lane gravel road to connect Vint Hill with Linton Hall.

How does paving a gravel road in the Rural Area fit with the three priorities of the Strategic Plan?  There’s no multi-modal component to this project; it’s a standard road project.   A short distance away is the parallel Rollins Ford Road, which is to be funded by already-approved local bonds (when those are finally sold).  Think paving Glenkirk Road will attract businesses to Prince William?

We continuing business as usual, spending our tax dollars to encourage more scattered development – and even facilitating commuters from Fauquier to drive through Prince William.


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  1. Mike O'Neal on

    I’m the owner of a small dog walking/pet sitting business, located in Morris Farm, Gainesville. I have clients in Morris Farm and on Owls Nest Rd off of Vent Hill Rd. In order to save my business car, I must go all the way around to Bristow(Linton Hall Rd.) to Sudley Manor Rd to Vent Hill Rd and back to Owls Nest. Paving Glenkirk now can save me tme, gas and my car. Time is money in my business, since I charge per 30 min. per visit. More visits per day, more tax money for PWC. Thanks Mike

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