First Thursday Nature Tales – December 3, 7:30-9:00pm

Want to meet fellow travelers who care about conservation, and who know about local areas to explore?  Join us each month (except January and August) in downtown Manassas (at the Bull Run Unitarian Universalists, 9350 Main Street, opposite the City Tavern/Old Towne Inn).

In December, our Nature Tales will be “In the Year 2030… What Will Prince William Look Like?” by Charlie Grymes, Chair of the Prince William Conservation Alliance:
Prince William has evolved since the continent of Africa smushed into North America, and created the land that is now Prince William County.  Dinosaurs tromped through Manassas 100 million years ago – and a few have been elected to office since then.  Migrants settled down here 10-15,000 years ago, then newcomers led by John Smith sailed up the Potomac River past Choppawamsic and the Occoquan in 1608.  The first industrial site in Northern Virginia was the Neabsco Iron Works. After we converted our forests into charcoal and firewood, we created such massive erosion that we killed the port of Dumfries.

Since then, farming has faded, suburbia has grown, and we’ve converted much of the county into a deer’s dream habitat.  Now, with all levels of government maxxed out financially, the idea that we’ll keep growing – just like we did since Shirley Highway was built – is under review.  How will our fields, forests, and streams look in 20 more years – and what sort of “nature” will be nearby in our neighborhoods?


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