Will the Feds contribute $$$ to the Chesapeake Bay clean-up?

In an ideal world, Congress would cut Federal funding and balance the budget.  Holding your breath?

Until then, Northern Virginia could be outrageously righteous, and decline new Federal funding for various initiatives.  In the economic battles with other regions of the state and nation, we could declare unilateral disarmament.

The alternative is to push for “our share” of the Federal budget, and to use it wisely.  One of the best opportunities: H.R. 3852, the Chesapeake Clean Water and Ecosystem Restoration Act of 2009.

It reauthorizes the Chesapeake Bay Program, and establishes a legislative mandate for the Executive Branch’s commitment to enforce the Clean Water Act (finally).  The bill focuses corrective actions on stormwater runoff, as well as wastewater treatment plants and agricultural pollution – and authorizes $1.5 billion in new grants.

Hey, if we’re gonna spend ourselves into massive inflation, let’s buy something worthwhile: a Chesapeake Bay that is fishable, swimmable, and fully supports aquatic life.


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