Last minute changes leave citizens out in the cold

Last night the Board of Supervisors approved new Transportation and Land Use Chapters of the Comprehensive Plan. Although the public hearing was closed, some citizens shared their views at Citizens Time. Mid-county SRR communities were well represented, showing strong support for the draft text intended to better protect the Occoquan Reservoir.

However, after Citizens Time was closed, Chairman Stewart and Supervisor Jenkins proposed substantive changes to the drafts, including one that removes public hearing requirements for the addition of lights at ball fields countywide.

Other amendments targeted the Mid-County SRR district, where the majority of Supervisors rejected draft text intended to increase protection for environmental resources in close proximity to our public drinking water supply, including creation of an Occoquan Reservoir Protection Overlay Zone. Instead, most Supervisors voted to maintain a business-as-usual approach, negating input provided by citizens over the last two years.

Citizens were not provided with an opportunity to read or review the amended text. There was little discussion on most amendments, making it difficult to understand or assess what was being proposed.

In the end, Supervisors approved the Transportation Chapter by unanimous vote. The Land Use Chapter was approved by a 7-1 vote, with Supervisor Mike May standing alone in advocating for a transparent process and a more positive Comprehensive Plan.


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  1. Mom on

    Glad to see you crawled out from under the bus the Chairman threw the Planning Commission under.

    Last night was a travesty and demonstrated everything the could possibly be wrong with a local government. Let’s hit a few highlights, amendments to the transportation chapter written by VRE that were incorporated without so much as mention as to what they were, last minute amendments by various board members, last minute amendments to address the needs of singular constituents and/or parcels, blaming Richmond, blaming the Planning Commission, blaming the LUAC (BTW Corey, the LUAC was not created by the Planning Commission, you and the rest of the Board named them you arrogant egomaniac), an utter lack of transparency, an utter lack of due processs, a short-sighted and ill-conceived resolution, pandering to the parents in the Linton Hall Corridor (It’ is all about the kids isn’t it Corey, or is this just more damage control for your rapidly dwindling image), pandering to the Chamber of Commerce, pandering to the Soccer Associations, pandering to the Softball Associations, etc., etc., etc.

    You know what I didn’t hear, not one single Mea Culpa from the BOCS. Truth is the delays in the Comp Plan were almost entirely the fault of the BOCS (not the Planning Commission), insfrastructre shortfalls are almost entirely the fault of the BOCS and the Planning Office (although Richmond does bear some small share of the blame they didn’t approve any construction permits).

    I was happy to hear one thing, Corey called for a Revolt, I guess he should have considered being a little more careful in what he asked for because here it comes and I suspect his chair will be ground zero.

  2. NokesvilleNeighbor on

    I agree. What I heard was Mr. stewart and Mr.Covington talking out of both sides of their mouths. Crying about how hard it to fight Richmond to protect the rural areas, then telling residents in those areas that they would have to sacrifice their lifestyles “for the kids.” You are right, a revolution is coming and people who have never taken an interest in politics are coming out to make their voices heard. Thank you Supervisor May for standing up for the average citizen of PWCounty, those not members of a youth athletic business.

    Questions must also be asked about the “agreements” that are in place between these sports organizations and the county. Allowing organizations sole use to a park for a fee, then letting them sell use of that field to other groups is wrong when it is on the public’s dollar. It seems that these relationships have become unhealthy as each seeks to rub the others back, leaving the rest of us out in the cold.

  3. Marian Hamamo on

    We should revolt. Revolt agaisnt the BOCS who again and again go against what the people who elected them want in favor of the few who line their pockets. I’m sick of developers running and athetic leagues and other special interest groups running our government.

    Besides voting the current BOCS out in 2011, with the exception of Mike May who had the guts to stand up against these ????, why not start a blitz of Letters to the Editor and blogging all over the place to bring their backroom ways of doing things to the attention of the rest of the metro area.

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