Energy Efficiency – An Idea Good Enough to Share With Others

The Obama Administration has endorsed construction of new nuclear power plants as a tool to reduce global warming.  Not everyone thinks that’s a good idea, and some people are solidly convinced that climate change is just a hoax – but almost everyone supports increasing energy efficiency.  

There’s one thing in common between climate change alarmists and climate change deniers: they both see benefits in reducing energy use, without adopting a “freeze in the dark” approach.

After all, energy-efficient homes will save families money.  Energy-efficient offices will increase profits for private businesses.  Energy-efficient  schools and other public buildings could reduce taxes, or free up funding for other services.  Energy-efficient factories will produce goods at lower cost, increasing the potential for keeping jobs in America.  More-competitive industry in America could increase exports and reduce imports of foreign oil, enhancing national security. 

Those who don’t believe in the predicted impact of carbon dioxide levels, and those who are concerned but are not taking action yet, can be motivated to take action – if there’s some other reason to act, independent of the global warming concerns.  Fortunately, there are several such reasons (save money, support local jobs, enhance energy independence…) that could spur everyone to increase energy efficiency, including those who do not think that greater efficiency could also save the shorelines.

Want to learn more about how to find common ground?  Spend an afternoon on February 27 at the Tools for Change Workshop III, organized by the Northern Virginia Climate Action Network.  Workshop is free, from 1:00-5:00pm on a Saturday afternoon in a garden center near the Fairfax County Parkway and I-66.  You can register online.

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