Merrimac Farm Trails

Floodplain wetlands, upland fields and hardwood forests come together at Merrimac Farm, creating a diverse habitat mosaic that supports a variety of wildlife. It’s a great place to explore nature all year round.

Now there’s a new trail map you can use to plan your visit. Merrimac Farm is managed to promote wildlife diversity… most trails are best described as footpaths. No matter the season, appropriate attire for Merrimac Farm is always long pants, sturdy shoes and long socks. More info and directions in online here.

With more than 100 acres of floodplain wetlands, some spots are very wet and can be difficult to cross. We’re working on low boardwalks for a couple areas to keep feet and mud in separate places. The critical areas should be done before the Bluebell Festival thanks to hardworking volunteers Bill Olson, Martin Jeter, Kevin Parker, Ed Hudgens, Steve Kelsch and Greg Bagford.

Call us at 703.499.4954 or if you’re interested in helping… or have wood to contribute. To date we’ve used cedar trees damaged by the snow and wood from a small barn being converted into meeting space, but that will run out before we’re done.


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  1. Mitch on

    I’ve enjoyed camping at other WMAs, notably the Hardware River WMA. I’m considering Merrimac Farm for my next primitive solo. Can you advise for or against Merrimac? Is there anything I should be aware of (feral pigs, marauding teens, etc.)? I assume the best spots will be in the North section — or will it still be too damp and buggy there?

  2. khosen on

    Merrimac Farm WMA is a great place to visit, with no wildlife or human hazards, but there’s no camping available.

    The entire site is low and much is quite wet. I think the elevation only changes about 30′ from Cedar Run to the north end. You can read more about what’s there on our webpage at

    If you want more info, feel free to give me a call at 703.499.4954 or email directly to

  3. Geraghtys on

    WARNING – The hike is beautiful and the bluebells really do make it feel like OZ, but our family of 6 left Merrimac with 30+ TICKS. Experienced hikers, but this was more than we’ve ever seen. Careful – tuck your pants into your socks!

  4. Kim Hosen on

    Ticks do love spring in Virginia. Tucking your pants into your socks is good advice for visiting any natural area in NoVA. Take precautionary measures… but don’t let ticks keep you inside!

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