Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm – Sunday, April 10

Bluebells at Merrimac FarmCome visit Northern Virginia’s only Wildlife Management Area next Sunday for the 3rd Annual Bluebell Festival. Join your friends and neighbors to welcome spring and view the fabulous display of Virginia Bluebells carpeting the floodplain!

We’ll have naturalist-led tours to the Bluebells and Cedar Run, where you can stay as long as you’d like. Along the way we’ll travel through a variety of habitats, talking about local birds, butterflies, frogs and more.  Upland Chorus Frogs are busy finding mates and Cricket Frogs are making their way to wetland pools. Other recent sightings include Red-headed Woodpeckers and early spring butterflies such as Falcate Orangetips, which have only one flight in NoVA.

A nature art show featuring local artists and photographers will be ongoing inside the Stone House Visitor Center. Outside on the front lawn, local groups will have fun nature activities for children of all ages.

Bring your kids, cameras and binoculars for the Annual Bluebell Festival at Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area! Appropriate attire for Merrimac Farm is always sturdy shoes and long pants, no matter the season. The Bluebells are in the floodplain wetlands, waterproof or water resistent shoes are a plus.


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