Environmental policies update – Clean streams or more of the same?

With a diverse landscape that includes both a tidal shoreline and a mountain, Prince William County’s remarkably rich natural resources create a sense of place that is unique within Northern Virginia.

For years the County has evaded the reality that a degraded environment is not just aesthetically unattractive, it requires taxpayer funds to fix. Now is the time to make the environment a priority in Prince William.

The Environment Chapter sets the County’s policies for new development, capital improvement investments and taxpayer-funded fixes. It covers a range of environmental issues, including stormwater, clearcutting, wetlands, streams, unstable slopes and more.

Developers know the Environment Chapter is important, they are hard at work lobbying Supervisors and staff for more “flexibility.” Claiming to represent the business community, developers say protecting the environment and attracting commercial development are mutually exclusive… we can’t have both.

The non-developer business community has a different view. Small business owners rank open space and parkland as their highest priority in choosing a new location for their company. Corporate CEOs say that quality of life is the third most important factor they consider in locating a business. They recognize that communities with a healthy network of natural open space are more livable and desirable.

Is an attractive, sustainable community important to you? For homeowners and taxpayers who are tired of paying for quick fixes after the fact, the Environment Chapter is action central.

Share your views with decision-makers early and often. After years of ignoring environmental needs, it’s clear that significant community support is needed to prioritize environmental sustainability in Prince William County.

Click here to read more and access links to the current proposals.


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