Carolina Chickadees – Nesting in a backyard near you

Year round residents in Northern Virginia, Carolina Chickadees are small birds that are easy to recognize by their white cheeks bordered by a black cap and bib.

Although they prefer forested landscapes, Chickadees also enjoy the suburban lifestyle. Common backyard residents, they are frequent guests at feeders, where they grab seeds and fly to a nearby branch before eating them.  They thank you for the free meal by eating insects and spiders, which make up the largest part of their diet.

Carolina Chickadees nest in cavities and bird boxes, building fur-lined nests from moss where they lay five to eight white eggs with brown speckles. Both parents care for the babies, which mature rapidly… they are ready to leave the nest in just two and a half weeks!

Naturalist Kevin Parker took a series of photos that give us a rare opportunity to see how Chickadees develop. Click here to view these adorable baby birds… from hatch day to fledgling.


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