Humor Regarding “Last Child in the Woods”

Maybe we are raising future generations who will focus intensely on handheld electronics, choosing to stay indoors rather than play outside as children.  Reading the Last Child in the Woods could be depressing.

In 20 more years, Americans will still be watching National Geographic TV (perhaps in 3-D) and visiting nature exhibits in museums and zoos… but will they have personal connections to nature?  Will today’s parents and grandparents peel kids away from the computers and electronic toys, and push children outside for exercise and for “gee, let’s see what’s out there today” exploring?

In 20 more years, the children of today will become the “responsible adults.”   Adults without an appreciation for fishing, hiking, or just watching butterflies zoom from plant to plant may choose to develop (rather than protect) parks and natural areas that have been preserved at great effort since the environmental movement picked up steam in the 1970’s.

Still, we can have some fun considering the scenario that all kids will stay indoors all the time:


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