Avendale scheduled for BOS vote on August 3

UPDATE: The Board agenda published today shows no changes for the Avendale Comprehensive Plan Amendment but there is a new staff report that includes changes to some rezoning proffers. The public hearing is closed so citizens will not have the opportunity to share their views on the revisions.According to the report, the Planning office does not think the changes to the rezoning were “substantial.” They recommend that the Board “make a finding” that they are not, which would allow a vote on this application without a public hearing. The report just came out so we haven’t had time for a full review of the changes… click here to view the new staff report for the Avendale rezoning and please let us all know what you discover.

Update 2: The PWC Board of Supervisors approved both the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and the Rezoning by a 5-3 vote. Voting to approve: Stewart, Covington, Jenkins, Caddigan and Nohe. Voting to deny: May, Stirrup and Principi. After the vote Chairman Stewart presented a resolution to “reaffirm” the Board’s commitment to the new boundaries of the Rural Crescent, with the stated intent that the BOCS would “not substantially change or alter the characteristics of the rural area as created in the 1998 comp plan without the benefit of a full public hearing process…”

Last January Supervisors deferred their vote on the proposed Avendale development and Comprehensive Plan Amendment, which would move the boundary of the Rural Crescent to allow 500+ new homes instead of the 17 currently called for in the Comprehensive Plan.

At the November 2009 Planning Commission meeting, where the School Board shared their objections to the proposal, the Commission voted to recommend denial of the application. Their resolution cites concerns that the project would add density to the Rural Crescent, create inequitable land values for property owners, encourage a piecemeal approach to planning, increase overcrowding in local schools and establish a precedent for future applications requesting increased residential densities in the County’s rural area.

To the best of our knowledge, the application is unchanged. The original staff report prepared for the BOS is online here.


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  1. Mom on

    Wally and the Park Authority are using the “Wiita” formula to push this one through only this time they’re using the Gainesville Grizzlies instead of the Soccer Association. They will be busing the parents in to speak in favor of Avendale.

  2. Kim Hosen on

    Thanks for the reminder that I should post the rezoning application as well as the Comprehensive Plan Amendment. The rezoning proffers are online at http://www.pwconserve.org/issues/landuseplanning/avendalerez.pdf

  3. Mom on

    The question that remains to be answered is whether or not those are the “current” proffers. If the proffers have changed since January, will not the BOCS have to reopen the public hearing as no decision has been made yet. Doesn’t negotiation of new proffers between the public hearing and a vote require a public hearing under statute?

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