Action needed to Re-Open Lake Manassas

When:   Monday, September 13 at 7:30 pm

Where:  Manassas City Hall, 9027 Center Street, Manassas

What:    Speak at Citizen’s Time to support efforts to re-open Lake Manassas and request a work session to update the public on progress. Numbers count – help jump-start City Council action to Re-Open Lake Manassas!

Absolutely cannot attend? Email Councilmen at

The City Council is on the hook, now it’s time to reel them in. Currently the Council has put this project on the back burner — despite significant support from partners that creates an unprecedented golden opportunity to Re-Open Lake Manassas now.

  • The VA Game Dept. has committed $100,000 for a boat ramp, finger pier and parking lot as well as long-term management support.
  • The developer of the Saranac community has committed to donate land for a public access point.
  • George Mason University wants to operate a concession stand to ensure safety and education opportunities.

Lake Manassas is a significant publicly-owned resource in a densely populated area that is short on recreation opportunities.  It is a reservoir that provides water to City of Manassas residents… no different from the Occoquan Reservoir, which provides water to nearly 1.7 million Northern Virginia residents and offers unrestricted access to boaters for fishing and fun.

According to the July 28 News & Messenger, Manassas Mayor Hal Parish supports re-opening Lake Manassas to boaters… but not until they “resolve” the lawsuit filed by the developer of the Saranac community to gain access to the Lake, as allowed in their property deed.

If Councilmen are indeed working toward re-opening the Lake, no lawsuit is necessary and the City could save a bundle of money. In fact, the developer says they will drop the lawsuit if the City moves forward with plans to Re-Open the Lake in a timely manner. Their offer to donate land to help make this happen confirms their preference for partnerships over litigation.

But Councilmen say they are not convinced that Re-Opening Lake Manassas would benefit their residents or the City’s tourism goals.They’ve clearly not considered the more than 21,000 people from the City of Manassas, Manassas Park and Prince William County who purchased fishing licenses in the past year — with more than 6,000 of these coming from Manassas alone.

At Lake Manassas, all the partners are committed to Re-Open the Lake… except the Manassas City Council. What will it take to convince the City of Manassas to take action on this golden opportunity to Re-Open the Lake before partners move on to other opportunities? The answer is the same as always – significant public outcry.

You can help. Plan to attend the September 13 7:30 Manassas City Council meeting and speak at Citizen’s Time to support local efforts to Re-Open Lake Manassas. Information is also available on outdoor writer Charlie Taylor’s website here.

5 comments so far

  1. Paula&Skip on

    Glad to have found you. We are moving to Manassas in November. Enviroment and sustainability is very high on my list and I love to get involved into local activities. Thanks for being out there.

  2. dbassam on

    I wish I would have stumbled upon yor blog a few days earlier. I would have gone to the city council meeting to speak in favor of opening the lake. I hope you do this again and some more advanced notice would allow for greater participation. You would be surprised how many people would like to see this happen (even non-anglers). I’ll bet the local Chamber of Commerce would be interested in the economic development potential of opening the lake. The net needs to be cast wider.

  3. Kim Hosen on

    Welcome, dbassam. If you’d like to receive our e-newsletter, just email your contact info to and please feel free to call us at 703-499-4954 if you have questions.

  4. Kim Hosen on

    Oops… also welcome to Paule & Skip. We’re looking forward to seeing you when you get to Manassas in November!

  5. Roberto A Bacca on

    Thanks for the update and please add me to your mailing list. I have been fishing for about 44 years and I would love to fish Lake Manassas.

    Along with the ability to fish a body of water comes the responsibility to care for the eco-system of the surrounding area. Please pick your trash and yes that includes discarded fishing line.

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