Round 1 goes to polluters

The majority of Supervisors approved developers 11th hour changes to the County’s new environmental policies… signaling their support for higher taxes this spring (and removing any doubt about who’s really in charge here).

Only two Supervisors disagreed – Mike May (Occoquan) and Frank Principi (Woodbridge) both supported the staff recommendation, which would have (1) discouraged development on slopes prone to landslides, (2) protected many intermittent streams, (3) raised the bar for stormwater runoff and (4) help save the Chesapeake Bay.

The standards recommended by staff would have helped reduce tax increases this spring for both the County budget and the Stormwater Fee. Stay tuned for more information…

Name: Swan’s Creek

Impacts: Flooding of downstream properties as well as damages to Quantico Creek, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Source of impacts: Uncontrolled stormwater runoff from the construction of the road at Harbor Station development (Cherry Hill Peninsula)

Estimated costs to taxpayers to mitigate flooding of downstream properties: $1,000,000 (Upper Swan’s Creek Stabilization Project)

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