Tour! Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge

When: Saturday, March 12, 8:00 am

Where: Meet at the Rippon VRE parking lot at the end of Farm Creek Drive, just past the intersection with Rippon Blvd., Woodbridge

RSVP: Not required but appreciated. It helps us plan ahead to ensure small groups, the best way to see the Featherstone Refuge. Email or call us at 703-499-4954.

The Featherstone Refuge is a great place to watch wildlife. With two miles of shoreline along Occoquan Bay, this picturesque natural area protects two miles of shoreline along Occoquan Bay.

The refuge covers 300 acres of unique habitats, plant communities that differ from those found at other nearby natural areas, such as Occoquan Bay Refuge, Mason Neck Refuge, Occoquan Bay Refuge and Leesylvania State Park.

The tour begins in the forest and travels to a beautiful tidal wetland on Marumsco Creek and the beach along Occoquan Bay, directly across the water from the bluffs at Mason Neck.

Bring binoculars and cameras. Long pants and sturdy shoes are always the appropriate attire for this refuge, no matter the weather.

For questions and to register, email or call 703.499.4954. Click here to read more about the Featherstone Refuge.


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  1. Brad Caricofe on

    I don’t think anyone can give intelligent justification for opening the Feathersone NWR to the public. There is already the well-known Occoquan Bay NWR located just a few miles to the north and it does not see many daily visitors at all.

    There is no valid demand for more more access Wildlife Refuges in this area. It surprises me that a “conservation” organization would support the wasteful use of tax dollars for a needless project that will have a negative impact on the environment.

  2. Kim Hosen on

    We are supporting the FWS preferred alternative for the Featherstone Refuge, which is to open the refuge to public use as soon as possible. We agree with the FWS compatibility determination, which found that opening the refuge to public access will not harm wildlife resources.

    The Featherstone Refuge is already an active site. The question is not IF people will use the refuge but WHO will use the refuge – squatters, poachers and ATV users or nature lovers with binoculars and cameras.

  3. Kim Hosen on

    We have more information, including a copy of our comments on the FWS CCP, posted online:

    Comments on the FWS Comprehensive Management Plan

    Featherstone Refuge Q&A

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