Public Access to Public Lakes and Rivers – Progress in a Forward Direction

Prince William County plans to provide public access to Lake Jackson, creating a canoe access point near the dam.

The Federal government also plans to create 300 additional public access sites in the Chesapeake Bay watershed over the next 15 years.  One of those could be at Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) – if the US Fish and Wildlife Service decides in the Comprehensive Conservation Plan to provide public access to the Potomac River, as well as to wetlands within the refuge.

The National Park Service is asking for input on improving public access to the water, as part of the process to create the “Chesapeake Bay Region Public Access Plan” by 2012.   Tell them what you think, and feel free to highlight the opportunity for the US Fish and Wildlife Service to create public access to the Potomac River at Featherstone NWR.


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  1. toni stewart on

    if the city of manassas took funds from the state of va. to fix dam, they should abide by rules of gfi of state of va.,and let the people of manassas to fish the lake.
    maybe we should march on city to open the lake to us. $ 80.000 per year to stop from fishing on something we pay taxes on.

  2. Lake front owner on

    you can gain access up stream, the homes in lake jackson are private owned and our roads are private owned and maintained, the dam was paid for by the family the built the dam, the county stole it from the alpaughs making it the responsabilty of the county to maintain. You do not have the right to cross private property to go fishing, you do however have the right to purchase a home and pay the extra taxes to maintain the roads and ramps and water front tax, just b/c you did not purchase a home inlj doesnt mean I have to give you access. go to issacc walton join thier fishing club and feel free to come to the lake, if you cant do either if the above, you have no rights to be on our properties, water yes, land no, and yes our comm owens whats under the water as well, know your facts before you condem others who pay dearly for the privacy we have PURCHASED

  3. LJ Resident on

    Lake front owner is absolutely correct. Much of the lake (the land underneith the water) is owned by private property owners in the lake jackson residence. The roads the “public” would use to access the lake is privately maintained, the taxes are taken from LJ resident taxes and not PWC taxes, so giving the public access is not mandatory and is unacceptable as the LJ residents work hard and spend a lot to keep it nice and private. Below the dam is public, and we see what a mess that is left in (litter, etc). Lets not do the same to above the dam and keep it private!

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