Bluebird Trails Video Coming Soon

Grasshoppers for lunch!

In early July, Kim Hosen suggested that it might be a good idea to make a video about the Bluebird Trails monitored by PWCA volunteers. I thought it would be a great project and volunteered to produce it.

When I returned from vacation, Kim had arranged for for a couple of the monitors to take me out as they made their rounds checking the boxes. For those of you who do not know, the Alliance has placed 11 nesting boxes at Chinn Park and 16 boxes at Merrimac Farm. The boxes have to be checked frequently for activity and maintenance.

The video is to be about the birds, trails and the volunteer monitors. The working title for the video is The Family in Box 12: The Prince William Conservation Alliance Bluebird Trails. The name comes from the couple in the photo (at left) who are raising 4 chicks in box #12 at Merrimac Farm. The photo is a crop of one of the frames in a video clip that I shot on August 6.

So why am I bringing this up now, four to six weeks before the video is complete? Because I need your help. I am planning on ending the video with a series of still shots of these beautiful little birds. I have a few good singles that I have taken and Kim, her son Eli, and Steve Tabone have offered some great shots, but I need a few more (no more than about six.) If you have a nice shot or two of an Eastern Bluebird and would like it to be included in the video, I sure would like to see it. To be usable, I need a 1920 x 1080 JPEG image without a watermark. (Resolution is not an issue if the file is that size.) Send it to If you have a limitation on the file size that you can send through your email account, let me know by email and I will give you a web address where you can send it to me without a problem. There’s no compensation offered, but all photographers will be credited at the end of the video.

Whether or not you have a photo that you want in the video, I hope that you will see and enjoy this little story when it is ready towards the end of September. You’ll hear about it right here.


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