How to Get Your Well’s Water Quality Tested

Got a Well or Spring? Here’s an opportunity to get the water quality checked:

Prince William Drinking Water Clinic
sponsored by Virginia Cooperative Extension

Kick-off: November 5, 2012, 7 – 8:30pm
Sample Drop off: Wednesday November 7, 6:30am-10am ONLY*
Results Interpretation Meeting: December 5, 2012, 7 – 8:30pm
Old Courthouse, 9246 Lee Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110-5073

The goal of the Virginia Household Water Quality Program is to improve the water quality of Virginians with private water supplies, such as wells, springs and cisterns.  The kick-off meeting introduces water quality concerns in our area, kits will be provided. Samples are  collected on a specific date to drop off for analysis.  The interpretation meeting explains the test report and what possible options participants may consider to deal with water problems and answer specific questions.

Samples are analyzed for the following: iron, manganese, nitrate, lead, arsenic, fluoride, sulfate, pH, total dissolved solids, hardness, sodium, copper, total coliform bacteria and E. Coli bacteria.

For more information on this statewide program go to

How much does it cost? $49. NO CASH PLEASE – CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS ONLY! Fee will be collected at the KICK OFF MEETING 11/5.

To register for this class, or to ask questions about the program, please call 703-792- 6285 or

*Water Samples must be dropped off on November 7 between the hours of 6:30 and 10am
at the VCE – Prince William Office, 8033 Ashton, Suite 105, Manassas, 20109.

If you are a person with a disability and require any auxiliary aids, services or other accommodations to participate in this workshop, please notify Virginia Cooperative Extension at 703-792-6285/TDD PC 1-800-828-1120.


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