City May Win the Right to Keep Lake Manassas Closed – But Is That Good Public Policy?

In July 2012,  a Prince William Circuit Court judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by the developer of a community of the shores of Lake Manassas (Case CL04077794-00).  The judge’s decision, if upheld on appeal, allows the city to continue to block recreational access to the lake.

Lake Manassas is owned by a public body, the City of Manassas.  The Commonwealth of Virginia granted the city authority to destroy a portion of Broad Run in order to create the reservoir.

For years, the city authorized a marina to operate on Lake Manassas, but now City Council has blocked any public use.  No fishing, no boating, no waterfowl hunting, no nuttin’ allowed, except by special permission from the city to access the lake.

The city owns a recreational jewel, and it is keeping it locked away where no one can see it.

For more, see Lake Manassas – Will the City Council invest in public access or a lawsuit? and other posts about Lake Manassas.

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  1. JB on

    It is off limits because the golf course wants the lake for themselves. Typical Virginia politics.

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