Like Higher Taxes and Long Commutes? Then You’ll Like Rezoning Blackburn on May 12…

recThere’s a direct link between economic development, traffic congestion, property taxes, and land conservation.

If we zone parcels for offices, recruit businesses to those locations, then Prince William residents can get to jobs without commuting through traffic jams in Fairfax County.   50% of Prince William’s workers drive to jobs outside the county, and 100% of commuters grumble about traffic.

New jobs reduce the residential property tax burden too.   In job-rich Arlington County, residents pay only 50% of the property taxes. In Prince William County, residents pay over 80% of property taxes because so little commercial development has occurred here.

So you’d think the Prince William supervisors would be focused on getting commercial development at the I-66/Route 234 interchange. It’s the closest one to Fairfax County, and the place with the highest potential to create a reverse commute. That’s why the area is planned as Regional Employment Center (REC).

So why are the county supervisors planning to rezone the Blackburn property there to build 415 houses and require almost no commercial development? That rezoning would sacrifice a great opportunity to create local jobs and local tax revenue.

The idea of building houses there – well, it stinks. If you want to reduce the burden of taxes on homeowners, if you want to generate more revenue to fund schools and other service, if you want to minimize the commuting nightmare by creating local jobs – you would not use one of the most attractive parcels for economic development at the I-66 interchange for residential development.

Conservation is the wise use of natural resources. Rezoning Blackburn for residential use would qualify as a waste, not as a wise use of land.


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  1. […] Board of County Supervisors postponed the original May 12, 2015 date for considering the Blackburn rezoning at the Route 234/I-66 interchange (the interchange with Koons Honda, not the […]

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