Blackburn: A Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey That Ought to Be Terminated With Extreme Prejudice

wheelerThe Board of County Supervisors postponed the original May 12, 2015 date for considering the Blackburn rezoning at the Route 234/I-66 interchange (the interchange with Koons Honda, not the bypass…).

It’s back on the agenda, this time for September 29 November 17 (yeah, stretched out past the election).  The supervisors have another opportunity to reject this bad project.

The Planning Department still recommends denial.  As noted in the staff report, the Blackburn proposal still has the same problems – massive amount of residential development, minimal offsetting benefits from commercial development.  More congestion on local roads, more-crowded school classrooms, higher taxes to subsidize services to residential development – hey, what’s not to like about this turkey?

Prince William needs to attract jobs to Prince William; that’s why Regional Employment Center makes sense at the I-66 interchange.  That land has some of the best potential for commercial development that provides local jobs, assuming the county implemented an economic development strategy other than “ugh, can we build more houses?”

A vote in favor of Blackburn would be a vote in favor of a windfall profit for the landowner selling the parcel.  A vote in favor of Blackburn would stick it to local taxpayers, giving them indigestion in the wallet, in the classroom, and in the car for many generations to come.   Sure, the next election is 4 years from now – but why would any elected supervisor think residential-heavy development was suitable for that location?

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  1. Rob Delach (@GeoTechie) on

    I hadn’t noticed that the Planning Dept has recommended denial of this project. How about the Planning Board? I assume they approved it or else it wouldn’t have made it to the BoCS, or am I wrong about that? I would like hear more about any dissenters on the Planning Board that may have voted against this.

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