Time to Plant… Native Species

whiteoakLots of plants are pretty.  Some pretty plants are a two-fer, and are also healthy for all the other critters that live in Northern Virginia.

The local animals have not developed a taste for non-native species.  (Have you ever seen a caterpillar on a daffodil?)

New arrivals such as garlic mustard, Japanese stilt grass, etc. are close to bug-free.  Our local bugs are not able to eat ’em.  When the natives get replaced by the aliens, “no insects” means the local birds go hungry.

In contrast, different species of native oak trees provide food for the greatest variety of butterflies and moths.  Pretty plants can feed butterflies and birds, but only if we put the right plants in the garden and in the yard.

Looking for natives?  Ask your nursery to point out their display of native plants, or come to the Native Plant Sale of the Prince William Wildflower Society on May 7 at Bethel Lutheran Church, 8712 Plantation Lane in Manassas.

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