Renewing the “Adoption” of Cedar Run

freedatcedarrunAs part of the mission of the Prince William Conservation Alliance “to explore, enjoy, and protect our natural areas, and increase community involvement in stewardship opportunities,” we recently renewed our commitment to adopt the reach of Cedar Run adjacent to Merrimac Farm.

We partner with the Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District. It has an “Adopt-a-Stream” program, where volunteers agree to a two-year commitment to clean litter from a stream segment.

Many of PWCA’s members and friends recognize Cedar Run as the stream whose fertile flood plain provides the home for the beautiful bluebells and other wildflowers that flourish there.

We’ve already done our first clean-up for the year.  We’re happy to report the litter along Cedar Run’s banks and floodplain has been removed.

As of February 27, the bluebells were already popping up, getting ready for the April 8 Bluebell Festival!

Stay tuned for opportunities to help keep Cedar Run clean, just one small way PWCA demonstrates our commitment to protect watersheds in Prince William County.


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